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Basic sanitation is an essential part of reducing unwanted insects, vermin and of course bad odors.  As part of our Integrated Pest Management (“IPM”) solutions we offer our clients cleaning services of the Compactor Machine, Compactor Rooms and the Trash Chute with our oil/anti-bacterial blended cleaning solution designed specifically for use in harsh environments, either indoor or outdoor.


We target and clean the areas of accumulation where bacteria ridden food remnants, waste build-up and unpleasant odors thrive, which in turn attracts unwanted insects and vermin searching for food and harborage.  This service is ideal for restaurants and buildings with compactors, trash chutes, garbage bins or dumpster containers.  Not only does the service leave your property smelling better by limiting the amount of bacteria and garbage debris, it reduces the amount of available food sources pests such as; flies, rodents, roaches, beetles, spiders, gnats, mosquitoes and others find so appealing with a goal of helping limit pest populations.  For best results, this service can be integrated with a treatment program for roaches and/or rodents that includes baiting the area following the cleaning.

Reduce unwanted pests with our cleaning service

  • Bars (underside and drains)

  • Laundry rooms

  • Recycling rooms

  • Elevator pits

  • Storage rooms

If you own or manage any buildings, restaurants or service areas with any of the following, then our Compactor & Chute cleaning service should be incorporated into the buildings maintenance.

Without the stench of bacteria and old garbage debris you can say goodbye to:

Smell fresh and

lose the pests

  • Flies

  • Rodents

  • Roaches

  • Beetles

  • Spiders

  • Gnats

  • Mosquitoes

  • And many more

Call us to begin your cleaning maintenance plan


  • Trash chutes

  • Hopper doors

  • Compactor machines

  • Compactor rooms

  • Garbage areas/room

• Indoor/Outdoor garbage bins (metal or plastic)

• Sewer pits

• Drains

• Exhaust vents