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Whether you’re a Restaurant owner/manager, Department Store, Office Building, Hospital, School or other place of business our goal is to provide unsurpassed service from a variety of unwanted pests. We know the impact an unwanted pest can have to any establishment, especially in the food service industry. To achieve our goal of providing customers with a pest-free environment, we believe in implementing an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) uniquely designed for the specific property and targeting specific pests for maximum results.

Discover the benefits of the

Integrated Pest Management Program

Serving our NYC community for over 40 years!

1.Conduct a thorough inspection and evaluation of the property

This allows us to:

  • Assess the situation and identify any conducive conditions

  • Properly identify the pests for a targeted treatment and assess any damage

  • Evaluation of basic sanitation practices or structural problems that contribute to the infestation

  • Create a customized pest control program tailored specifically to your needs


2.Initial Treatment

  • Our initial treatment is designed to eliminate unwanted pests quickly and effectively

  • Our goal is a reduction of the pest population, using pesticide or non-pesticide solutions, utilizing the best products available in a safe and effective manner

  • Our technician will offer suggestions for basic sanitation, remedy of structural issues or indicate if a follow-up treatment will be necessary


3.Developing a maintenance plan

  • We will assess your office, restaurant or building, etc. and recommend a frequency for ongoing treatments


4.Continued refinement

  • Our view is that pests don’t rest and neither do we!  We constantly review and evaluate the latest techniques and products to ensure the highest level of service being provided to all our customers  

Through our multi-dimensional IPM strategy we will:

Say goodbye to

unwanted pests:

• Bed Bugs

• Rats

• Flour Beetles /    Carpet Beetles

• Fleas

• Flies

• Termites

• Ants

• Spiders

• Mites

• Bees

• Mice

• Cockroaches

• Clothing Moths

• Centipedes

• And many others

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Our Integrated Pest Management Program will get you the results you need