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Bed Bug activity has been on the rise for years.  They have been a nuisance for landlords, tenants and owners and can easily be carried around unknowingly during your everyday life until the biting starts.  Pest Pro has developed a comprehensive Bed Bug treatment protocol that when customers follow our recommendations, has proven to be extremely successful.


We believe a comprehensive integrated approach offers the best solution for dealing with Bed Bugs.  The first step is speaking with the customer to gain a better understanding of their daily lifestyle and asking some basic questions followed by arranging a Bed Bug Inspection which can include Canine, physical or a combination of both.  We offer a variety of treatments and will suggest the best possible treatment method available for each individual case taking into consideration a variety of factors.  

Say goodnight to bed bugs for good

"Bed bug inspection can include canine, physical or a combination of both."


• Thermal / Heat


• Traditional Pesticide

• Non-Pesticide Solution

• Steam

• Cryonite

• Vacuuming

• Exclusion

Treatment options:

Proper Preparation is essential with any treatment option! Please see our Bed Bug Prep Sheet for details and contact us for Preparation Services. Call us today to discuss your step-by-step bed bug preparation process.

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